The best fencing solutions in the shortest time: get to know Total Telas

Entrust your work to a reference company in Latin America in Screens and Railings

The ideal product for your project

Discover our wide range of fencing solutions, including railings, fences, fences and screens.

Our railings combine sophistication and strength, offering exceptional durability that exceeds all expectations.

The fences are elegant and available in different colors, ensuring durability even in seaside environments. Fences, on the other hand, offer robust protection for rural, industrial and commercial properties. And let’s not forget about the screens, which add a touch of refinement and exceptional strength to your project.

Quality fencing for all types of construction sites

No matter what your need is, whether it’s fencing a sports court, restoring the fencing of your rural property, or delimiting a large industrial or commercial property, we are here to offer you the best options in fencing. Contact us today and discover the perfect solution for your fencing project.