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Sliding gate

A sliding grating gate is safe, resistant and ideal for those looking for practicality and security in fencing properties with little available space. Total Telas offers custom-made sliding 3D Mesh Panels gates.
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Pivot Gate

The pivoting gate is a safe, resistant and practical option for those looking for a complete fencing solution. Total Telas offers this type of tailor-made portal, ensuring a personalized fencing for each client.

Sliding gate system multiple leaf

A sliding gate with multiple leaves is a type of gate that moves laterally but is made up of two or more leaves that open and close simultaneously. This type of gate is ideal for wide-entry enclosures, such as garages, and offers practicality and security. In addition, the multi-leaf sliding gate is sturdy and easy to maintain.
6. Exclusive

Overhead Sliding Gate - Trackless System

The Aerial sliding gate from Total Telas is an exclusive, modern and practical technology, which does not use rails to move, preserving the floor. Resistant and safe, the Aerial sliding gate is the ideal solution for those looking for a complete and modern enclosure.

Total Telas is a reference in the fencing market and offers complete and customized solutions to its customers. With a wide variety of gate models, the company guarantees the safety, practicality and modernity of the fencing. Additionally, the gates are designed uniquely and exclusively for each customer, catering to their specific needs and demands.

Among the models of gates available, the sliding grating gate, the pivoting grating portal, the sliding gate with multiple leaves and the Aerial sliding gate stand out, which is an exclusive technology of Total Telas, modern and practical, without the use of rails.

The production of the gates is made with high quality materials, which guarantee the strength and durability of the products. With this complete solution, Total Telas’ fencing is literally “closed with a golden key”, ensuring safety and customer satisfaction. Whether to protect homes, companies or industries, Total Telas offers the complete solution in fencing, with the production of exclusive and customized gates.

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