PVC coated galvanized wire

Hot-dip galvanized wires of the highest quality, with Total Telas PVC coating

wire for residential, industrial and commercial use

Galvanized Wire with PVC Coating Total Telas: the high-tech and high-quality coating for your fencing.

Coils: From 300kgs
Available in Gauges: BWG 12 – 2.90 mm ̈BWG 14 – 2.30mm

PVC coated galvanized wire is the best choice for screen industries looking for quality and durability in their products. With the high-tech and quality coating, this wire offers extra protection against corrosion and weathering, ensuring the resistance and extended service life of the screens produced.

In addition, standard color options, such as green, white, blue, black, or gray, allow for customization of the screens according to customers’ preference. And for those looking for a specific color, PVC-coated wire can also be produced to order (see minimum volumes).

With Total Telas raw material, fencing industries can produce high-quality fencing, ensuring the safety and privacy of their customers. Check out our PVC coated galvanized wire options and take your products to the next level.

Total Telas’ PVC-coated galvanized wires can be used for the most diverse applications