Multi-leaf gate

Total Telas Multiple Leaf Gate

Multi-leaf gate for residential, commercial and industrial use

Multi-leaf gates are ideal for projects that need a larger clearance and can be produced in different materials. With Total Telas, acquire a gate of high quality, resistance and durability, ensuring safety and practicality for your project.

– Produced with high-strength, hot-dip galvanized tubes
– Can be manufactured in different sizes and numbers of leaves, according to the project’s requirements;
– Locking system with high security latches and locks;
– Painting process that ensures greater resistance to corrosion.

Total Telas offers its customers customized solutions for fencing and, in this sense, one of the most versatile products we manufacture are multi-leaf gates. These gates can be produced in different sizes and quantities of leaves, according to the need of the project.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the strength and durability of the materials used, including high-strength hot-dip galvanized tuibes and a fastening system with high-security latches and locks.

In addition, Total Telas has a team of experienced professionals who can execute large-scale projects, such as gates with a span of up to 20 meters. This expertise has already been proven in clients such as Grupo Madero, one of the main food groups in the country.

And to further ensure the durability and strength of our multi-leaf gates, we use a painting process that ensures greater resistance to corrosion, including washing, phosphating, primer application and marine-based polyurethane – PU paint.

The multi-leaf gate is a very versatile solution and can be used in various applications, such as homes, condominiums, industries, companies, among others. Its main advantage is the possibility of covering large spans without compromising safety and without the need for a very robust structure.