Wire Categories


Galvanized Wire

Industrial galvanized wire is the best raw material for fencing. With its zinc layer, the wire is protected against corrosion, ensuring the durability and useful life of the screens. At Total Telas, we only use high-quality industrial galvanized wire in our screens.

PVC Coated Galvanized Wire

Total Telas' PVC-coated galvanized wire is the best option for the production of fences. With our own coating, the wire is resistant to corrosion and sun rays, increasing the durability of the screens.

Barbed wire

Looking for quality barbed wire? Total Telas has the ideal solution for you! Our barbed wires are manufactured from high-quality materials, providing safety and security for your fences and properties. Get to know our barbed wire options and request a quote right now!

Total Telas is a company specialized in offering efficient and high-quality solutions for fencing, using only the best materials available on the market.

Our wires are produced by the best mills in Brazil and the world, ensuring the quality of the final product. Galvanized wire is corrosion-resistant and can be used in a variety of applications, while PVC-coated galvanized wire has an extra layer of protection against corrosion and sun rays, increasing its durability. Barbed wire, on the other hand, is ideal for security fencing, providing protection and security in rural and urban properties.

We only work with high-quality materials, ensuring the safety and security of your space. Our wires are ideal for those looking for durability and strength in their fences. Count on Total Telas to provide the best raw material for your fencing!

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