Overhead Sliding Gate - Trackless System

Total Telas Overhead Sliding Gate

Overhead Sliding Gate for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Use

Railless Overhead Gate: the most modern technology in fencing.

– Produced with high-strength hot-dip galvanized Tubes;
– It does not have rails, which ensures greater durability and ease of maintenance;
– Available in different sizes, according to the customer’s needs;
– Can be manufactured with Total Telas 3D Mesh Panels, or Welded Mesh
– Marine-based polyurethane (PU).

The trackless overhead gate is an innovative technology that Total Telas offers to its customers. With this gate model, it is possible to have more freedom in its installation, since there is no need for rails on the ground, which facilitates the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. This makes this type of gate ideal for places with a large flow of trucks, as they do not generate maintenance due to high traffic.

The frames of the overhead gates are made with 40X60-1.55mm or 60X60-1.95mm hot-dip galvanized pipes, and the guide posts and stops are made with 60X60-1.95mm or 80X80-2.65mm tubes, varying according to the size of the gate. The painting is done with a process of washing, phosphating, application of primer and naval base polyurethane paint – PU.

In addition, Total Telas has already carried out railless overhead gate installations at railway terminals, closing the entrance to the train track. This type of installation requires precision and attention to detail, and Total Telas has the expertise and technology to perform this type of work.

Railless overhead gates can be manufactured according to customer need and demand. With the complete solution offered by Total Telas, the railless overhead gate is an excellent option to close the most modern fencing in Brazil with a golden key.