Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects

Categories of Industrial Projects

Total Telas specializes in offering fencing solutions for different segments, including industrial Projects. With a wide variety of products, the company ensures the safety and security of businesses in various industries.

The fencing for industrial works is designed to meet the specific needs of the customer, taking into account the risks involved in the company’s activity. Total Telas works with high quality products that provide strength and durability, such as welded mesh, fences and 3D Mesh Panel.

In addition, the company has a team of qualified professionals, who offer specialized technical support and assist in the process of choosing and installing the ideal fencing for each type of work.

Total Telas has extensive experience in serving industrial works of different sizes and segments, such as chemical, petrochemical, steel, automotive, among others. The company is committed to offering fencing that meets the quality and safety requirements of the market, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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