Total Telas 3d mesh panel PVC

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3D mesh panel PVC

PVC 3d mesh panel for residential, commercial and industrial use

The Total Telas 3d mesh panel PVC Screens Grating is the most modern and efficient choice for fencing, with state-of-the-art technology and high quality that guarantee complete protection for your space.

1.03 –

Color: Green & White
Black & Blue (2nd half 2023)
Width: 2.50 m
Heights: 1.53 – 2.03 – 2.43
Available Wires: 4.3mm and 5.10mm (gauge)
3D Mesh panel 5×20 cm
Zinc 70gr
300 microns
05 years Warranty
Technical Specifications of the poles:
460 microns of coverage;
Hot-dip zinc-plated steel;
100% national production;
60x40mm tubes.

The Total Telas 3D PVC is the ideal solution for those looking for long-lasting and efficient protection. With a layer of 300 microns high-adhesion PVC and hot-dip galvanized wire with up to 70 grams of zinc, the Total Telas 3D mesh panel PVC mesh panel is resistant to the most diverse weather conditions

In addition, its installation is easy and fast, ensuring time and cost savings. And with the durability offered by Total Telas 3D mesh panel PVC , it is possible to have peace of mind and security for many years.

Don’t waste any more time with protection solutions that don’t offer maximum quality and efficiency. Get to know Total Telas 3D mesh panel PVC and ensure complete and long-lasting protection for your space.

TOTAL TELAS fence post PVC:

The Total Telas fence PVC Mesh panel is a complete solution for fencing, which has a set of 60x40mm posts in hot-dip zinc-plated steel. These fence post receive up to 400 microns of high-adhesion PVC coating, with a double-sided layer, both inside and out.

This set of posts ensures maximum strength and durability for fencing, as well as easy and quick installation. With Total Telas 3d mesh panel PVC, it is possible to have the peace of mind of being protected for years, without worrying about maintenance or repairs.

The Total Telas 3D mesh panel PVC is the ideal solution for any type of fencing project. Its versatility allows it to be used in several segments, such as:

  • ports and airports,
  • Residential Condominiums
  • Shopping malls
  • Car Shops
  • local businesses.

With an easy and quick installation, the Total Telas 3D PVC is the perfect choice for those looking for efficient and long-lasting protection. In addition, its resistance to the most diverse climatic conditions and the inclement weather ensures that it is a long-term fencing solution, both for large-scale works and for smaller projects, such as coastal residences.

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