PVC-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fence


PVC-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fence

PVC-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fencing for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Use

Discover the Total Telas PVC-Coated Galvanized Chain Link Fence! With its advanced protection technology, you’ll have the security you need without sacrificing quality.

Standard Mesh: 50mm (2″) – 70mm (3″)
Heights: 1,00 – 2,00 – 1,50 – 1,80 – 2,00
(other heights on request up to 6.00h)
Available wires: BWG 10 (3.80mm)
BWG 12 (2.90mm)
BWG 14 (2.30mm)
Standard Colors: Green, Blue, White, Black & Grey
Other colors on request
Standard Rolls: 25 m

The Total Telas Chain Link Fence with PVC coating is a highly versatile and resistant product, capable of meeting the most diverse fencing and protection needs. With a PVC coating, the chain link fence offers greater resistance to corrosion, thereby extending its durability Additionally, the product is available in a variety of colors, including custom colors to meet the specific demands of each architectural project.

Another advantage of the chain link fence is its uniform load distribution, ensuring protection and security even under extreme conditions. This feature is so important that high-performance sports, such as Formula 1 race, use fencing to protect their tracks.

The ABNT standard 10118 ensures the product’s quality, and the hot-dip galvanized wire with a minimum zinc layer of 60g/m² guarantees the strength and durability of the Total Telas Chain Link Fence. In addition, the installation can be done on concrete poles, metal pipes, or even wooden poles.

Be sure to check out the available color options and customization, and request your quote for the Total Telas PVC-Coated Chain Link Fence to ensure protection and durability for your fencing

The PVC-Coated Chain Link Fence is a high-quality solution for various applications. Besides being a great option for sports courts and spaces in coastal areas, it is also used for protecting large rural areas, such as farms and estates.

Other applications include protecting industrial and commercial areas, leisure areas such as playgrounds and parks, and even in residential wall constructions Its resistance to corrosion and durability make the PVC-coated chain link fence an excellent option for protecting high-traffic areas, providing security and peace of mind to users