Safety and Quality: Total Telas at Maltaria Agrária, Ponta Grossa

Safety and Quality: Total Telas at Maltaria Agrária, Ponta Grossa At Total Telas, we have a strong commitment to agricultural and industrial cooperatives throughout Brazil. We recognize the importance of these organizations to the development of our local communities and economies. Our expertise in fencing solutions has been developed with the purpose of meeting the […]


In 2 minutes learn how to install Total Telas 3D Mesh Panel Quick and easy installation, the most durable product on the market. The security of your property is a top priority. And when it comes to long-lasting protection, Total Telas 3D MEsh Panel is the right choice. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide will show you […]


TOTAL TELAS & COOPERATIVA DOS CAMPOS GERAIS Work with more than 3,000 m of fence and more than 1,000 m of grating Total Telas is fencing the Maltaria Campos Gerais (Ponta Grossa, PR), which is part of the expansion of the Agroindustrial Agrarian Cooperative. More than 3,000 meters of wire mesh with ballast beam in […]


TOTAL TELAS GATES Total Telas Gates Total Telas manufactures overhead, sliding, and pivot gates, always prioritizing quality and protection that harmonizes with your project. 💫 ✅ Our gates are produced with hot-dip galvanized pipes and undergo rigorous treatment and painting, ensuring maximum strength and durability. From raw material to precise welds and flawless workmanship, we […]


AGRARIAN COOPERATIVE Customer Opinion is Our Highest Compliment! “I am very satisfied with Total Telas. In addition to fully meeting the technical expectations of our project, they were true advisory partners, helping us to overcome challenges encountered in the field. Total Telas is a company that combines exceptional quality with impressive execution speed. The service […]


[REVENDA] – BROADEN YOUR PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Looking for a way to diversify your products and offer high-quality solutions to your customers? Become a Total Screens reseller! Full Line of Products 🏢Our full range of materials, including Industry NR12 Grating, is available for resale. Become a Total Telas partner and have access to the best fencing […]

Total Industry NR12 Grating: Protection and Compliance for Industrial Environments

Welcome to the Total Telas blog, where we will explore the world of Total Industry NR12 Grating and the importance of ensuring safety and compliance in the industrial environment. The NR12 standard is a set of essential guidelines to protect workers in relation to the use of machinery and equipment, avoiding accidents and promoting a […]

Grid Screen

What is Graded Screen? Grating screen is a type of security barrier that can be used to protect areas in residential or commercial environments. It is formed by a series of railings mounted on a metal or wooden frame. The railings are made of steel. These railings can be articulated, fixed, screened or foldable, depending […]

Complete Guide About Railing: What is Railing and what is it for?

What is Grating? A railing is a form of protection and security used to delimit areas, buildings, and properties, preventing unauthorized visitors from entering. It is one of the most important safety items as it is the most visible element in a security system. Gratings are typically made of materials, such as plastic or PVC. […]

Total Grating PVC Screens – Tested and Proven Resistance

Total PVC® Mesh Grating is a high quality and resistant product, specially designed to be used in coastal areas, where the presence of salt spray and salt spray can cause damage to common materials. In this sense, Total Telas has subjected the Total Telas PVC® Grating to a rigorous test of exposure to salt spray, […]